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If you love the bark of a Porsche Mezger flat six as much as a Rolls Royce Merlin V12 and you admire the late Ray Hanna as much as Sir Stirling Moss, then we’re on the same page.

“We write passionately about the things we love. We think that you feel the same way too.”

What Historic Racer is About

“Racing is life – everything else is just waiting around” – Steve McQueen

Famous words. Is there, indeed, more to life? We think that there is.

For sure that moment when the lights change is the moment many live for, we also feel you need to enjoy the journey.

We are about classic and historic racing. Track tests, driving impressions, circuit layouts and reviews, the history of classic and historic motorsport. We want to find those old racers before they leave us, those engineers, drivers, pilots and retired photographers.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

We have one life. The drive, the road trip, the tracks, the places to stay and visit are all equally important. We are fortunate to have been trusted with the keys to some remarkable road cars, have driven some roads that will stay in our memories forever. And we’ve been in discussion with Gendarmes on the speed vs the size of the fine on occasion too.

The road trip, journey, hotel, architecture and car we use are all just as important. Sometimes we fly.

Who Is Historic Racer?

Neill Watson – Founder “When I was small, I used to read LJK Setright and subsequently, the great Russell Bulgin. His story, Ayrton Senna, Rally Driver, still sits in my collection of automotive magazines never to be parted with. In addition, Mel Nichol, as editor of Car Magazine, created some of the greatest drive stories that are now timeless. If you haven’t read his feature on driving Lamborghinis from the factory across Europe, I strongly suggest you buy his book.”

“I also have the influences of reading the sadly departed Brian Lecomber’s articles in Pilot and his three great novels. Visually, I blame Joe Cornish for the inspiration and vertical shots, the courage to shoot into the sun and the foreground detail and the discovery of Lee ND Grads.”

At Historic Race there is more than one voice.

While the views here are personal, there is more than just one voice. Guest contributors are welcome, where it’s appropriate. So you will see great drive stories, track tests and viewpoints of other people here too.

If you have a great story that you think should be seen by our readers, drop us a line here and tell us more.

What We Aren’t

You will find some news of interest. You won’t find the endless cut and paste of every press release that hits our inbox. You won’t find four or five posts each day. Or even each week, for that matter. We post on schedule and as we need to

Our content is written in our own unique voice and our views are indeed, our own. It’s something we view as important, but we’re not believing our own publicity and taking ourselves too seriously.

Work With Us

Our readers come here for bespoke content. If your brand includes travel, automotive lifestyle, classic and historic motorsport, or contemporary cars aimed at enthusiastic, knowledgeable drivers, we’d like to hear from you. You can read more about how to advertise and work with us here.

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