Ferrari F60America NART Limited Edition


We’re fans of front engined Ferraris here at Historic Racer. Some of our most memorable drives across the years have been in the Ferrari 456GT and the big 599GTB. And blue also meets with approval, TDF being our favourite. I love the 458 Italia, but there’s something about the idea of sliding into a front engined Ferrari, soft luggage on the passenger seat and driving across a continent, preferably hood down.

So Ferrari’s announcement of the ten F60America models built celebrate Ferrari’s 60th year in North America can only be announced in Beverly Hills, of course. The ten cars, all of which are spoken for, are built to celebrate the sixties tradition of building strictly limited edition, built to order cars for North American clients, pioneered by then Ferrari importer Luigi Chinetti. The limited, hand built cars also pay homage in their colours to the 1967 275 GTS4 NART Spider, the open version of the 275 GTB4 specifically requested from Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari F60 America

The new car is powered by Ferrari’s award-winning mid-front-mounted V12. All are Spyder configuration, with a nod to weather proofing in the form of a canvas hood that can be erected, should you feel the urge. Personally, I’d simply make haste and keep the pace up to ensure the rainfall passes overhead. Leather trimmed roll hoops and carbon fiber trimmed flying buttresses complete the look, with the NART inspiration carrying over to the inside, with the driver’s side finished in red and the passenger area all in black as seen in historic Ferrari race cars. 60th Anniversary Prancing Horse badges adorn the rear flanks and the transmission tunnel.

All ten are already sold. I’m sure the North American auction houses are already hunting down the owners with suitable offers, though knowing Ferrari, the buyers will have been selected to ensure they are driven, cherished and cared for rather than traded like poker chips. It’s not often that Europeans are left out of the deal, we can only hope that one of the lucky owners decides to ship his F60America across for some Alpine pass driving at some point.


Author: Neill Watson

If you love the sound of the Cosworth V8 as much as the V12 Merlin, the smell of Jet A1 as much as Castrol R and admire the late Ray Hanna as much as Sir Stirling, you’ll find you’re both on the same page. Neill's love of art deco buildings means that his ideal home would be a brilliant white, 1930′s control tower in Southern France, with crisply mown grass, biplane parked on the driveway and a Ferrari 288GTO in the garage. This is something that those around him tolerate, though it does concern them from time to time.

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