Sir Stirling and The Blonde – The Final Edition

Looking back, it’s quite remarkable how simply carrying a camera can change the course of things. As I left for Donington Park that day, I wasn’t actually going as a photographer. I was there as a guest of Andy McKenna and Andy Middlehurst. The camera was picked up from force of habit. Canon EOS cameras are no lightweights, but as ever, I find it needs to come along.

Of course, the unfolding images of Sir Stirling Moss and The Blonde were captured in just a few seconds and yet, years later, we are still talking about them.

Thanks to The Signature Store’s connection with Sir Stirling, we’ve enjoyed creating this series of limited edition prints together, with Lady Moss often commenting that he appeared to be enjoying himself far too much. You can read a fuller account of the day that Sir Stirling met The Blonde here. A rather bizarre and eclectic press launch for an event that never materialised, the likes of which I’ve never seen since.

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A rather eclectic press launch
A rather eclectic press launch

The prints we created between us have become collectable across the world of motorsport memorabilia, with one print changing hands for £1600 at Silverstone Auctions. Of course all things come to an end and so we are now releasing what will be the final edition of the Moss and The Blonde prints. Limited to just fifty copies, this third print is finished to the same high standard as the other two and available for collectors to buy and enjoy.

You can buy via The Signature Store or directly from us here, with global shipping options. It’s perhaps a suitable time to acknowledge that without the professionalism and good humour of Stirling Moss, these images would never have happened. His patience in front of the never ending blaze of cameras is quite remarkable and his sense of humour always shines through.

My favourite image from that day isn’t actually one of the printed shots. It’s this one, Stirling looking up into the grandstand. Someone had stepped forwards with an umbrella, offering to shade him from the sunshine. He waved it away, commenting “Why on earth wouldn’t I want to be in the sun?”

Why on earth wouldn't I want to be in the sun?
Why on earth wouldn’t I want to be in the sun?

And of you were wondering what he was gazing upwards at, up on the balcony, above the pit lane was the lady he was about to meet….

The mysterious blonde
The mysterious blonde

The final print is now available to buy, limited to just fifty copies, order yours here. There will be no more in the series, this is the final edition. It’s been great fun working with Stirling and The Signature Store, we hope everyone who’s purchased a print enjoys viewing them as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them.

The Final Edition Print
The Final Edition Print

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Author: Neill Watson

If you love the sound of the Cosworth V8 as much as the V12 Merlin, the smell of Jet A1 as much as Castrol R and admire the late Ray Hanna as much as Sir Stirling, you’ll find you’re both on the same page. Neill's love of art deco buildings means that his ideal home would be a brilliant white, 1930′s control tower in Southern France, with crisply mown grass, biplane parked on the driveway and a Ferrari 288GTO in the garage. This is something that those around him tolerate, though it does concern them from time to time.

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