Zeitgeist Images, Truly The Spirit Of The Time

zeitgeist-1If you love old posters and the Art Deco style, then Zeitgeist Images seems to have sprung from nowhere, overnight. A collection of work that would take others years to collate and grow seems to have just, quite simply, appeared and with very positive reviews.

[quote]Zietgeist – ‘The Spirit of The Time[/quote]
We caught up with the man behind Zeitgeist, Mark Fairhurst, for a chat to find out more about his distinctive take on the Art Deco style.

HR. What sort of background do you have and have you always been an artist?
MF. “I wanted to join the R.A.F. Then someone gave me a camera one summer holiday. I took that route! I got a job
as a darkroom junior in an ad agency in London in ’78. Ended up running the studio in ’82. Halcyon days.
I had many years photographing inanimate objects: cars, tools, luxury goods. One year the agency on the
contract for MK Electric to produce their yearly product catalogue. 3 months shooting plugs!!!!!! Drove me nuts.
Then the agency won an industry award for it, which mean four more years of the same!
One day someone said if you can make plugs look good, imagine what you can do for people! My direction changed, thankfully and I major in portrait photography.
I have been fortunate enough to have one to one shoots with Royalty, aristocracy, celebrity and normal people. Just the other day I was commissioned by Country Life magazine to photograph Prince Charles at his home near me.
However, when the crash came in 2008 my industry, like many others, took a huge hit. Work has become very sparse. When
Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France in 2012, I drew a basic cartoon of him and posted it on Twitter, to which I had
just been introduced to. People started asking for t-shirts and posters. Then the Olympics happened. The same thing. Then Metro Newspaper interviewed me and I got page 3 the week the games started. Things went mad!”

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HR . What got you creating art in the Deco style?
MF. “I’ve always loved the feel, look, and elegance of that period in time. Poirot, starring David Suchet, is a fave. I pick up little details from some shows that filter through to my work. It wasn’t planned. It must be deep in me somewhere waiting to come out. When things started to warm up with sales, all through Twitter, It boosted my confidence which is reflected in my work to date. I can see that I have ‘matured’ in my approach and delivery of my work. It’s proving very popular too. I think it’s an era that evokes style and achievement to people. Even today, as it did back then, the designs captivate our minds.”


HR. How is your art printed and how many editions do your images run to?
MF. “Sketches. All my images start with sketches. I’m not trusted with paint! From there my work is drawn on computer. I can produce ‘ready to go’ work anywhere in the world on computer. All of my work is signed and embossed stamped. Present images are limited to 50 of each, across three sizes. More so now, I am getting requests for private and commercial commissions.”

HR. We can see lots of cycling art on your website. Was that your main inspiration and what other genres do you plan to portray with your style in the future?
MF. “I’m a keen cyclist, although by no means pro, I love the culture that goes with the form. Even more so from the ’20s, ’30’s and ’40’s. Passion. Strife. Determination.Victory. All my images seems to portray this. From time to time my humour emerges too! My other passion, motorcycling and motor racing is bubbling too. I’ve started the ‘Need For Speed’ section on my website where powered transport is to be done in my style. Some abstract images are planned too. Basically, anything that involves motion and emotion is what you’ll find on Zeitgeist Images.”

HR. Given the phenomenal success in less than a year, what plans do you have for the future?
MF “Wow! That’s hard to foresee. Zeitgeist images has offered me a very different career opportunity during difficult times. I seemed to have found a talent that must have always been there. My production is prolific. My images are proving popular selling all over the world. I hope to develop the motor sport side of my work further.
It’s a great passion of mine. I ride bicycles, motorbikes and have had some rather cool cars in the past. Now I can put what I feel about them, and so it seems, what my customers feel too, into artwork that people can enjoy and relate too. I must get to more events. Anyone that can assist with that, get in touch!”

You can buy Mark’s work online at Zeitgeist Images or contact him about personal commissions. http://www.zeitgeistimages.co.uk/

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