We’ve written before about scarcely believable ‘delivery mileage’ Porsches that have simply been carefully stored by their owners and never driven, sometimes for decades. This Porsche 997 Sport Classic for sale at Hexagan Classics is another such car to reach the markeplace. It’s a noble and far sighted thing to spend significant sums on a car, yet never enjoy the driving experience, especially such a car as a Sport Classic 997.


As Hexagon Classics Chairman Paul Michaels rightly said: “The 911 Sport Classic was such a hit with Porsche collectors that the 250-car limited run sold out even before the company officially announced it. It’s not hard to see why – it harks back to legendary 911s like the 2.7 RS but mixes those classic cues with some well-chosen modifications to make it a proper enthusiast’s machine.

“Because it’s not a Rennsport car, it’s a 997 that has always flown a little under the radar – just look at the spotlight that’s fallen on the RS 4.0 and GT3 models for example – but that hasn’t stopped its stock from quietly rising. All those upgrades make the 911 Sport Classic a really rather wonderful package after all.”



I drove a 997 Sport Classic last year for a Total 911 magazine feature and I commented at the time about just how remarkably different the car was from a standard 997. As Hexagon point out, the specification is subdued but impressive. The 200 cars built by Porsche have been quietly appreciating in value and while they are not as overtly spectacular as a Rennsport model, they are a fine car to enjoy.

So why would the buyer of this 80 mile car need to buy a second one? Because the high price of this 997 Sport Classic revolves around it’s unique mileage reading. Start driving this car on a regular basis and you will degrade that element of your investment. Far better to enjoy this one parked beside you in your study and have another less significantly underused Sport Classic to enjoy by driving to the fullest extent.