While we will always love the bark of a Cosworth DFV on startup and the sound of Schumacher’s V12 Ferrari around Monza will be forever in our hearts, there’s no denying we do have affection for electrically powered cars. This may sound utterly at odds with our ethos, but our view is that in today’s modern world, electric propulsion is the future.

Take the Nio EP9, for example. On 12th May 2017, it acquired the lap record for a road legal car around the Nurburgring. And is sounds good too. Previous electric cars we’ve heard racing have merely sounded like giant slot cars, but this one has a real scream to it. We’re still struggling with the lack of gear changes, several times resisting the urge to shout “Change up!” at the screen as the sound gets higher and higher, but just take a look at the on-board….

The EP9’s 1-MegaWatt of power is equivalent to 1360PS (1342 bhp) and the vehicle has a top speed of 313kph (194mph). The EP9 accelerates from 0-200kph (0-124mph) in 7.1 seconds.

Last month, NIO announced that it plans to produce a second batch of ten EP9s, and each one will be made to order. The NIO EP9 is priced at 1.48 million USD. If you cast your mind back to the hedonistic days of 80’s and 90’s supercars, the EP9’s groundbreaking achievement is right up there with the original McLaren F1. Could the NIO EP9 be the world’s first collectable electric supercar at some point in the future?