The Man Who Turned Down a GT3RS 4.0

I had a chance conversation with a long time Porsche owner this past weekend. Based in the UK, he’s owned no less than twenty Porsche 911’s of various vintages across the years. Some, such as his tuned 996 Turbo 4 and his 996 GT3RS, he still owns. They’re keepers. We talked about early Porsches and though I’d met this guy in the past it had been in a non-Porsche context, I’d no idea he was such a Porsche fan, nor as knowledgeable as he obviously was. Then he made a startling admission. He turned down the chance to own a GT3RS 4.0. One of the 600 globally and around 40 right hand drive, UK specification cars. A production figure dictated not by demand, but by the parts supply remaining.

Oh dear. “Well, I received the letter and didn’t really read it properly. It looked like it was just a larger engined GT3RS. Well, I already have one of those, so it didn’t seem that appealing.” Given that Porsche UK required a £10,000 deposit to secure one of the cars and that, ever since they hit the streets and the first press reports came out, they’ve escalated in value, that was a rather significant oversight. “It certainly was, but you live and learn, I guess.”

Porsche 911 GT3RS 4.0 limited edition report
Just look what you could have been driving......

As I write this, a quick Google gives you several examples for sale, asking price just shy of £200,000, that’s a huge jump from the £129,000 list price, itself significantly up on the 3.8RS. So why the huge premium? At some point in the next twelve months, I’ve been assured a drive in a 4.0RS, but until then, it the most obvious reason is that it’s probably the final chance to own the ultimate incarnation of the Mezger flat six. The new 991 series GT3’s will all have the new, direct injection, engines based upon the new 991 series standard cars.

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So in the same way that the 993 series 911 was the last ‘real’ Porsche for many, the 4.0 RS is assured of immortality by being the last 911 with a ‘real’ engine.

Just to remind him of that missed opportunity, here’s a quick video of Patrick Long just popping out for a coffee in one. Skinny Latte being the obvious choice.

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Author: Neill Watson

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