I have to admit, when I visited Los Angeles a while ago, I was rather puzzled.

I’d often read of the California air cooled Porsche scene, but driving around the streets of downtown LA, I couldn’t figure out where on earth these owners would go to drive their cars.

Even if you escaped the traffic gridlock for a while, the endless glare of the wide concrete highways, added to the poor shape of the downtown roads, made me think that actually, you’re probably going to damage an air cooled Porsche by driving it in LA.

However, I was given an idea of what Porsche drivers do when I visited Toad Racing Enterprises close to Van Nuys Airport. There, I found out that in fact, just a few miles away there are endless swooping, twisting roads, perfectly surfaced, up in the California Hills.

Sadly, time prevented me from investigating further, so to this day, I have a burning desire to return to California and drive some of these legendary roads in an air cooled Porsche 911.

For now, I must watch from afar and one of my channels of choice to help me through the day is Der Fazination.

This YouTube video sums up everything that I imagine California Porsche driving would be. Plans are afoot for a return visit, I just need to figure out how to convince Hertz to put a Porsche 964 on the rental fleet.