Driving in France? Better Be Ready To Blow

This rather nifty and cost effective packet landed through the mail yesterday. There is an awful lot of smoke and mirrors right now about the latest legal requirements for carrying breathalysers when driving in France and coupled with our previous experiences with the Gendarmes, we thought it appropriate to comment on the laws as we understand them right now.

It’s now a legal requirement to carry an NF certified breathalyser when driving in France. NF is the French standards body, like our own ISO. Anecdotal info from pals who live down in the Charente tell me that while the locals may regard this with typical disdain, if you’re on UK plates, you could well be stopped and checked. French authorities recommend carrying two, just in case you’re asked to use one. Be sure when you order that you chose the NF Certified breathalyser, as they differ from the UK version. Alco Sense sell these compact, cigarette sized packs for £5.99 and you can order from their website here.

Sadly, there’s little they can do to help us when it comes to handing over large amounts of cash for excess speed. And I’m really not sure what would happen if they stopped Jean Ragnotti and his dog.

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When in France....
When in France….

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Author: Neill Watson

If you love the sound of the Cosworth V8 as much as the V12 Merlin, the smell of Jet A1 as much as Castrol R and admire the late Ray Hanna as much as Sir Stirling, you’ll find you’re both on the same page. Neill's love of art deco buildings means that his ideal home would be a brilliant white, 1930′s control tower in Southern France, with crisply mown grass, biplane parked on the driveway and a Ferrari 288GTO in the garage. This is something that those around him tolerate, though it does concern them from time to time.

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