Running Report – Phil Price and his Porsche 930 Turbo Hillclimb / Race Car

A few months have passed since we last had contact, but Phil Price of Connaught Competition Engines has been running his famous Porsche 930 Turbo. We managed to catch up with him long enough to get a few notes from him in between a busy season preparing customer race cars. The silver car is the well known ex-Tony Bancroft hillclimb Porsche. We previously photographed the car early this year, after Phil was finishing some winter overhaul jobs. Ee’ll bring you an in depth feature on the car and it’s owner soon, meanwhile, here’s Phil’s Push To Talk update

Snetterton CSCC Test Day

“Since then we have attended a CSCC Prac. day at Snett. Gearbox problems! The ‘box suddenly jammed in 3rd gear, so to get some miles I just drove the whole 300 track in third, holding back on the rev’s down the straights and using the torque just dragging it, rightly of wrongly out of the corners! The problem turned out to be an exploded syncro hub on 1st gear. This had come out and stopped the selectors. Removing the bottom inspection plate. Revealed all and a repair was effected.

Silverstone CSCC Modsports Race

That was fixed in time for the first CSCC Modsports/Saloon race at Silverstone. After qualifying 10th O/a and 3rd in class, the car was deemed to noisy. The noise check registering 112. Went out and qualified 10th. A repack of the box got this to 110, but as it is supposed to be 105. No chance. Everyone said, “But you cannot hear it going round! ” However the organisers would not accept a drive past check. So we came home.

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St Goueno Hillclimb, Brittany

Big contrast in attitudes to noise for our next outing in France, the St Goueno Hillclimb in Brittany. We took the silencers off and they loved it! This is a Masters Championship run event alongside the National French Championship. Organised by an English guy. About 40 English, Irish and Channel Islanders go to it. Great weekend in the sun with free drink and food. Brilliant.
After the 1st qual the car was 1st in class 2nd O/a, a 996RS and 911 SC were some 3 and 10 seconds behind. The French Porsches, on checking but to be confirmed I think was the only one quicker at that point. ! When asked how many times I had driven the hill by the UK Porsche guy’s. They were a little taken back when I said “Err, just that once!” Then I promptly stuffed it big time on a fast blind 90 Right after a swooping 45 right left right. Bugger.

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The hill is 2miles long. You have to drive 2 miles from the paddock to the start and 1 mile back to the paddock after the finish. On public roads….. Yes with slicks. The damage to the car is mainly bodywork, but also sadly that beautiful, expensive exhaust manifold has also been damaged. So back to base, time to get the wallet out!

Here’s a quick YouTube video showing the hillclimb course and some of the interesting machinery you can expert to see there.

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