Top Five Lightweight Porsches and the GT3 RS that is ‘Almost’ Lightweight

This great YouTube video is one of a series of Top Fives from Porsche. Anyone with even a passing interest in Porsche will be aware that Rennsport Porsches are minimalist and light weight.

The 2.7RS is considered the Holy Grail of collectable, lightweight Porsches. However this video highlights the fact that there are at least four other Porsches that are significantly lighter in weight. The cars are, of course all historic racing Porsches with the emphasis on hillcliming. So what better place to film tham than the majestic Grossglockner Pass in Austria?

So scroll down after the video and see which five Porsches beat the 2.7RS to the title of the lightest.

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Number Five – Carrera 2.7RS

Most people are aware that the 2.7RS was built in two variants, RS Sport and RS Touring. The RS Touring is almost 100kg heavier than the RS Sport, so the car in the film weigs in at 975KG.

Number Four – Porsche 906 Carrera 6

This particular 906 is a prototype and has a very unusual history, as it ran at the 1967 Nürburgring 1000Km race as a camera car – filming the race for the German ZDF channel (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen)
It’s fair to say that being restored with the cameras in place probably adds a few kilos to this one, but Porsche 906’s came in at 675kg with 201 bhp. You can read an account of the car being driven up the Goodwood hill by Porsche GB Cup race driver John McCollagh here.

Number Three Porsche 356 SL

SL stands for Sport Light. this was the car that gave Porsche it’s first class victory at the LeMans 24hours way back in 1951. Ferry Porsche developed the coupe shape based in the roadster and weighing juust 640kg with only 70 bhp, this is the first ever Porsche victory at LeMans.

Number Two The Porsche 718 Formula 2

The car is barely 1 metre tall and weighs 456kg. Built in 1959 / 1960, take the Fuhrmann designed 1.5 litre 150 bhp engine and the light weight and you have a car that must have been electrifying to drive

Number One Porsche 909 Bergspyder

A plastic body, 275bhp from a 2.0 litre eight cylinder engine and an incredible 384kg in weight, today there are motorcycles that weigh more than this. Designed in 1968, the pop was the final car that the porsche factory created to compete in the European Hillclimb Cha,piuonship, driven by Ralph Stommelen.

Today’s Lightwright Porsche – the GT3 RS

Fast forward to today and we’re celebrating the launch of the 2018 Porsche GT3 RS. Beautifully finished, with a production run already spoken for and with detail design touches that Porsche drivers will love. And yet over the years, look at how much weight has been gained.

At a kerb weight of 1430kg and with 520bhp, there’s a case for saying that the days of truly lightweight Porsches are now over.

Of course, that isn’t true. Today’s production cars have massively improved safety. Have a sizeable shunt in any of the sub 500kg racing cars of that period and they would probably simply bury you in it. Compared to the current Ferrari 488, the GT3RS compares well in wright. Start looking at cars like the Nissan GTR and suddenly, the car is hundred of Kgs lighter than today’s competition.

So the true definition of a lightweight production car has shifted somewhat since the Porsches you see here were created. True lightweights today are machines like BAC Mono, Lotus Elise and others created with that ethos and mantra as a priority. That doesn’t make the GT3RS a heavyweight, it’s just that today a lightweight production car isn’t quite as light as it once was.

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Author: Neill Watson

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