We’ve a soft spot for Jean Ragnotti. Anyone who drives with such passion and commitment, while balancing it with mental dexterity, is to be applauded. We’ve written elsewhere about Jean’s typically Gallic disregard for authority and it seems that, despite turning seventy years olf this yar, he’s not slowing down.

Classic Renault motorsport colours for Ragnotti's No 9
Classic Renault motorsport colours for Ragnotti’s No 9

Renault Classic are running him in a Renault 5 Maxi Turbo on this year’s Monte Classic event. Running as car 9, in classic Renault Sport colours, he will team up with co-driver Michel Duvernay alongside other entries from Renault Classic. Renault Classic runners Michel Leclère, Alain Serpaggi and Christian Chambord will also be entered in Group 2 Renault 5 Alpines.

It marks the 35th anniversary of Rangotti’s win on the historic event. With Sebastien Loeb also entered in the WRC round, the French are out in force to bring home the silverware. If ever there was a year to stand in the cold, Vin Chaud in one hand, fireworks in the other, perhaps this year is the one to do it. If you doubt Rangotti’s pace, watch this video from just a couple of years ago in a Renault Super Sixteen car. He’s still got it…..