We will openly admit to not being fans of modern Formula One. Quite apart from the engine sound and the whole idea of regenerative coasting rather than outbraking, the whole F1 scene these days is more political than a Premiership football season. But in amongst all that are still the die hard, true passionate racers.

But this year, the annual Autosport International will be well worth a visit. Williams have long been one of our favourites, from Alan Jones’ Saudi coloured DFV powered car to Keke Rosberg’s awesome 160 MPH average speed qualifying lap around the old Silverstone with turbo power and Damon Hill’s emotional season after the loss of Senna. Frank Williams and Patrick Head are racers and Frank’s daughter has carried forward the tradition. We can’t think of a better place right now for Martini racing colours.

1111254_Williams-Ford FW06

So it will be good to see Williams making a massive contribution to this year’s Autosport International, brings along a whole selection of their race car collection, plus their entire race ‘motorhome’ reconstructed inside the NEC alongside the Autosport stage. Standing more than eight metres high, it’s unlike the type of motorhome that you and I may use on a race weekend.

1111228_Williams-Honda FW11

I have to admit to have been zoning out of the Autosport show in recent years. That’s not the fault of the show at all, more perhaps that the modern motorsport scene doesn’t quicken my pulse. But Autosport’ organisers now fully realise the significant of historic racing, with an entire area dedicated to the cars we love so much.

And don’t forget the myriad of book sellers and memorabilia dealers who will have card machines just waiting to accept your PIN number. If you don’t want to spend money here, better lock your cards in the glovebox. I know I’ll be tempted.

1111243_Williams-Renault FW18