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The Jaguar E Type Lightweights – Images and Facts about Jaguars Final Six Racers

As more details are emerging about the final six Jaguar E Type Lightweight, we thought it was a good time to take a look at all the aspects of this…

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Driving KPU 396C – Jim Clark’s Lotus Cortina

Driver coach and Clark fan Andy McKenna A pause down the phone line from McKenna. That’s rare, as he’s never normally short of something to say. “It…

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Brumos Porsche B59 – The Full Story of the Exclusive Porsche 911

Brumos have been in the Porsche business since 1959, both as certified dealers and one time South Eastern USA Porsche distributor in Jacksonville,…

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AC Cobra 50 years book

AC Cobra – The Story of an Icon.

50 Years of the AC Cobra What's your favourite indulgence? Mine varies according to my mood and time of day. First thing in the morning, a strong cup…

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P51 Mustang low level fly by

The P51 Mustang – “I Can Build You A Faster Aircraft Than The Spitfire XIX” – Lee Atwood.

It makes a great headline but it's also the bold claim made by P51 Mustang designer. A few years ago now, in 1999 I was privileged to attend a talk…

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Porsche 911 backdate for sale - side view

Porsche 911 Backdates, Updates and the Changing Trends

What happens if you have a modern car and it’s replaced by an updated version? Some people don’t worry about such things but, for others, it’s a…

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